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5 Easy Hacks to Fool Yourself into Eating Less

People love food (I know I do) and controlling what and when we eat can feel like an uphill battle.  No matter what a thousand diet fads or pills try to tell you, there’s one way to lose weight (safely and effectively) that’s scientifically proven: burning more calories than you consume.  

Since we have the most sedentary population in history due to technological advances, eating less is how many people will see results in their weight and overall health.  Obesity is a leading contributor to diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.  

Here are 5 great tricks to lower calorie consumption.  If you start moving more, exercising regularly, add some of those calories back if you need them!

  1. Make eggs a bigger part of your diet.  Eggs are a perfect protein that provide a little bit of just about everything your body needs nutritionally to function.  The journal Nutrition Research published a study that determined participants who consumed eggs in the morning ate 18% fewer calories throughout the rest of their day.  
  2. Drink more water.  You know this one but it bears repeating.  The human brain and gut often confuse thirst with hunger and most people simply don’t get enough hydration during the day.  Water is a safe, filling, and healthy way to make you feel full.  Adding sliced citrus or mint leaves boosts your water into an antioxidant delivery device (and helps you keep drinking).
  3. Eat on a smaller plate.  When I was learning how to eat less, this is the first trick I tried.  I was amazed at how effective it was in fooling my brain.  I switched to white dinnerware and used the smaller plate meant for desserts.  The size and color made me feel like my portions were much bigger and I rarely felt the need for second helpings.
  4. Keep healthy snacks on hand.  In a fit of hunger, vending machine products and fast food places become viable options.  To avoid it, keep travel packs of dried fruit, almonds, or protein bars in your bag, car, or desk.  They provide great nutrition, fill you up more, and fight off the temptation of junk in a pinch.  
  5. Up your fiber intake.  Fiber-rich foods help you feel fuller longer, aid in digestion, and improve your body’s ability to flush toxins effectively.  It’s proven to lower your risk of disease.  You can get fiber in places you might not realize.  All sorts of beans, berries, broccoli, avocados, root vegetables, nuts and seeds, and quinoa are foods that will ramp up your critical fiber consumption.

One thing to point out is that just because a label says “organic” or “natural” on it, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily healthy.  Plenty of snacks found on the organic aisle are packed with sugar and calories you don’t need.  Labels are critical when you’re figuring out how to eat less calories.

Burn More Calories with Ease!

Now for a list of 15 ways to burn extra calories that might surprise you!  I feel like I need to assure you that all of these are true.  I found them in a great article by NBC News and was giddy to learn some I didn’t know.

  1. Enjoy your caffeine in tea or coffee without guilt.
  2. Get plenty of sleep (your body keeps hustling even when you’re out cold).
  3. Sit up straight in your chair to strengthen abdominal muscles.
  4. Develop a cleaning routine that you do for 15 minutes every day.
  5. Laugh it up – as often as you can.
  6. Take the long way to bathrooms, stores, and upper floors.
  7. Don’t stop fidgeting – even tapping your foot to music burns calories!
  8. Pace when you’re on the phone or checking your social media.
  9. Walk in rhythm to faster songs (with headphones, of course).
  10. Meditate to lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels in your body.
  11. Work standing up for part of your day.
  12. Have some spicy food.
  13. In long lines, shift your weight from side to side.
  14. Indulge in sexual activity (you know this one but I love to list it)!
  15. Eat before you drink alcohol.

A tip I particularly like is making standing up during work, TV, or computer time a habit by creating a game of it.  During commercials, after calls, once you check notifications or emails, and other “milestones” are your signal to stand up for a few minutes.  This is one I’ve implemented fairly easily in my daily life. 

If you’re serious about learning how to eat less, intermittent fasting is an awesome way to make it happen (and you already do it every day).  

We all love food and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying it…in moderation and without impairing our long-term health.  These quick and easy changes will give you incredible results within weeks.  

It’s time to get started!












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