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3 Powerful Anti-Aging Foods To the Rescue!

Eating quality food is one of the simplest and most direct ways to keep your skin healthy all your life. You need a combination of the “anti-aging trio” to battle the years and prevent them from showing on your face.

Enjoy the Sun and Keep Your Skin Healthy!

How Much is Too Much?
In the 1950s, social norms about bare skin in public started to relax. Suddenly, tanning became a national pastime. Entire families spent their summer days outside, coated in baby oil. They baked to golden brown and proudly showed off their tan lines...

Chronic Stress Raises Heart Disease Risks in Women

The heart disease risks in women are just as critical as those facing men.

However, this rising epidemic gets very little press coverage. Women who show up at their doctor’s office or their local hospital during a heart event are treated differently than their male counterparts.

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